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DEFENSE PROJECT: Construction of Border Fence
[Image: KG6MoGU.png]

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Construction of Border Security Fence

Border security is critically important to the national security of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. Aliens who illegally enter Caputia without inspection or admission present a significant threat to national security and public safety. Such aliens have not been identified or inspected by immigration officers to determine their admissibility to Caputia.

Transnational criminal and subversive organizations operate sophisticated networks and smuggling operations on both sides of the southern border, contributing to a significant increase in violent crime and deaths. Among those who illegally enter are those who seek to harm Caputians through hate crimes, forced religious conversions, acts of terror and/or criminal conduct.

Despite the Greater Pallisican Trade Association committing itself to non-aggression between both Caputia and Passio Corum, and committing itself to the respect of both nation's national sovereignty, independence and internal affairs through the Treaty of Bel-Air, their continued support of subversive organizations such as the Order of Rochefort contradicts their commitment and negates the spirit of cooperation and friendship that was instrumental in making the Treaty a reality.

Allowing the present situation to continue presents a clear and present danger to the interests of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. Until Passio-Corum lives up to the treaty commitments they committed to uphold, we must act.

The Ministry of Defense, working in conjunction with local authorities and with construction subsidiaries of the General Company of the Caputian Kingdom, has begun construction of a fortified border security fence on its side of the border with Passio-Corum.

The border security fence will be managed by the Royal Caputian Border Guard, with assistance from the Royal Caputian Coast Guard in areas where there are maritime boundaries.

[Image: ApXAJlH.png]

The construction of the border security fence includes the construction of facilities to detain aliens at or near the land border with Passio-Corum.

The Ministry of Defense has released a diagram of the plans and design of the border security fence:

[Image: YhpdIrJ.jpg]

The border (1) shown in the diagram cuts across a road which formerly linked north and south. Proceeding from west to east, the zonal border is marked on the western side by signposts (2) saying "STOP HERE, BORDER". 

Just behind the border, there is a border marker pole (3) with diagonal black, red and yellow stripes. The border is otherwise unmarked until the fortifications begin well into Caputian territory, leaving a strip of unfortified borderland (4).

A short distance after the zonal border, i.e. on the Caputian side, the road is dug up (5), so there is an anti-vehicle ditch across its whole width. Then follows a metal-mesh fence (6), with a double gate (7) where the road is. To the left of the road, the metal-mesh fence forks to form a double fence (8); the area between the two fences is mined. Near the road, instead of a second metal-mesh fence, there is a concrete-faced anti-vehicle ditch (9). Next follows a flood-lit control strip (10); behind that, a guard patrol road running parallel to the border (11). After that comes a strip of open green territory containing various types of guard towers (13, 15, 16), a dog run (17) and an observation bunker (14); this is delimited by a signal fence which has floodlights spaced at regular intervals (18). The signal fence curves around a village (19) that is close to the border, excluding it from the border strip. Where it crosses the road, the signal fence has a gate (21), and further up the road, i.e. deeper in Caputian, the road is blocked by a horizontal barrier, beside which there is a little house (22).

Electronic sensors and detectors are included in the border security fence, along with ground penetrating radar and other facilities and technologies to improve effectiveness and security.

The border security fence along the southern border will be the first phase of a national program of construction of border security fences that is scheduled to go on for the next five to eight years, aiming to cover the entirety of the Caputian borders.
Allen Greenstreet
MP for Bridgemoor
Leader of the Liberal League
Former Minister of Defense
[Image: KG6MoGU.png]

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: End of construction of Phase One

As we told the citizens, border security is of paramount importance to the national security of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia.

The Ministry of Defense, in collaboration with the local authorities and with the construction subsidiaries of the General Company of the Caputian Kingdom, formally announces that the construction of a fortified border security fence on its side of the border with Passio-Corum is finished a few days ago.

The 3rd Royal Caputian Border Guard Regiment is deployed today. The Advanced Command Center is located in San Luis. The 3rd Fleet Fleet Royal Caputian Coast Guard is available to the Royal Caputian Border Guard for various patrols near the border.
Thomas de Verrau

Her Majesty's Minister of Defense

[Image: KG6MoGU.png]

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Phase Two Begins Construction

[Image: Phase_2_Border.png]

The Ministry of Defense is pleased to announce that Phase Two of the Border Security Fence project has begun and is projected to be completed in four AN years.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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