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[NEN] Arrival of the Nova English Representative
[Image: MOIA_Rep_Crest.png]
Office of the Witan's Representative to the Caputian Government
6th December 2017

Honourable Sirs & Ladies of the Caputian Foreign Office,
May I first introduce myself as representative of the Nova English Witan and the primary contact of affairs between the Kingdom of Nova England and the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. Following your recent contact with my government I was transferred from a merchant ship carrying Brettish refugees to the Skerries. To establish a consulate here in Caputia to further facilitate ongoing communication and affairs between our two nations.
It is an honour to finally arrive and begin formal contact between our nations. The Nova English government has noted your struggles as your nation has battled through dark times to emerge anew. As such we would like to facilitate contact between yourselves and a number of companies registered in Nova England that may be able to help redevelop regions of your nation suffering from aftermath of the Civil War and Alexandrian Flu. These being;
Handhamur Construction; A large construction firm based in Nova England that has been instrumental in the rebuilding of critical infrastructure following the reestablishment of the Kingdom. As such they specialise in utilising local resources and labour to undertake a variety of construction projects that not only create new infrastructure but help develop skills and jobs in the local area that they operate in.
Síðian Rail Services; This company has helped to rebuild much of the Nova English railway system, enabling a safe system of transportation for goods and services. Their engineers would be well placed to help refurbish existing rail links and develop new lines of communication throughout your nation.
I hope that the above is of interest to yourselves and should you have any queries pertaining to the above then please do not hesitate to contact myself.
Best Regards,

Colonel (Ret.) Merehwit Knight.
Representative of the Kingdom of Nova England.

Colonel (Ret.) Merehwit Knight.
Representative of the Kingdom of Nova England.
[Image: ZB0V253.png]

Your Excellency,

It is truly an honor to welcome you to Zalae. We thank you for taking the time to come here and establish a Nova English Consulate. Her Majesty sends her warmest regards and offers you a place to stay near Bellesea Palace while the Nova English Consulate is set up.

After the destructive civil war that Caputia has endured, we have a great task ahead to rebuild the country. There are many opportunities for redevelopment and construction, and as Her Majesty has stated previously, it is our intent to rebuild the national life on a better and more durable foundation. We believe that Handhamur Construction and Síðian Rail Services can be part of that future and help rebuild Caputia.

The top two most pressing challenges before us are, first, the reconstruction of our national transportation network. There are many bridges, tunnels, roads, highways, railways, tramways and airports that need repair or rebuilding. Many rural areas that had limited public transportation services before the war now are very isolated because major roads and local trains and busses were destroyed. The second is a rapid expansion of our housing capacity, as we have millions of displaced citizens that lack a roof over their heads.

Perhaps we can begin with signing a formal treaty of recognition and friendship, and proceed with securing contracts with Handhamur Construction and Síðian Rail Services to begin their work in earnest. One large contract that will need to be negotiated right away will be the repair and reconstruction of the tracks of the never realized Keltian Express that run through Caputia after a thorough survey. The project was never fully realized, but Hamland did build tracks in anticipation of the full realization of the project and they became important for internal transportation. Perhaps we could even take up the mantle of realizing this project and bring the continent together.

Of course, we will defer to the opinion of your experts. We will continue our discussion and hopefully we can arrive at a workable arrangement.

I remain available to you for any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,
George Blakeslee
Foreign Minister of Caputia
Ambassador Plenipotentiary to all Micran Nations
[Image: MOIA_Rep_Crest.png]
Office of the Witan's Representative to the Caputian Government
14th December 2017

Dear Mr Blakeslee,
I have been informed by my superiors that the Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Recognition has been accepted and passed within the Witan.
In addition to this I apologise for the slow response to your earlier correspondence, as one can understand I have been busy setting up our small consulate here in Zalae. I would like to also thank you for the accommodation provided at Bellasea Palace, the staff and the facilities provided were much appreciated.
With regards to your notes regarding the abandoned Keltian Express project and its potential adaption into a national rail network, I believe that Síðian Rail Services would most certainly be able to assist. Whilst the possibility of realising the original scope of the project is perhaps something that our nations can accomplish as we cement ties here in Keltia.
If it is acceptable with yourself, a small team of experts from Handhamur and Síðian Rail Services would be keen to visit Zalae and discuss future ideas with the Reconstruction and Infrastructure Office.
Best Regards,

Colonel (Ret.) Merehwit Knight.
Representative of the Kingdom of Nova England.

Colonel (Ret.) Merehwit Knight.
Representative of the Kingdom of Nova England.

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