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Political Party Affiliation Declaration Thread
Reply to this thread with the following information to register your party affiliation:

Place of Residence:
Party Affiliation:

Place of Residence:
Party Affiliation:
Christophe Landry
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia
Quote:Name: Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz 
Place of Residence: Gotfriedplatz, Isles of Caputia
Party Affiliation: National Unity Party
Rt. Hon. Lt. Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz PC MP RCAR
Minister of Reconstruction and Infrastructure
Lord Great Chamberlain
NUP MP for Gotfriedplatz, Isles of Caputia
Quote:Name: Royston Merrick
Place of Residence: Freedom City, Neo Patrova
Party Affiliation: National Salvation Front
Royston Merrick the Younger
Director of Operations
ESB-Group Keltia
Quote:Name: Edward Weatherill
Place of Residence: Hamland
Party Affiliation: National Salvation Party

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