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Press Conference - 12.2.17
[Image: 3vzuQzm.png]

The Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Elise Bachelet, held a press conference at the Woodrest Mansion's Press Room, where she fielded questions from Caputian and international journalists alike.

Bachelet was recently named Press Secretary, prior to that, it was very common for the Prime Minister to handle the press himself, something that slowly but surely became a bit too much for the PM to handle day-to-day as state affairs increasingly seized more and more of the spotlight.
Christophe Landry
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

Quote:Good afternoon. I am Elise Bachelet, I have been appointed to serve at the Prime Minister's pleasure as his Press Secretary. We will hold regular press conferences where I will be available to answer all of your questions as well as make important announcements.

It is an honor to serve as Press Secretary. To provide a little background, for over 15 years I was Editor-in-Chief of the Genevan Arrow in Alexandria. I started here in Zalae, where I was a reporter straight out of college with the Zalae Standard. The Standard folded after a few years and I worked in press relations with the PR firm Johnson and Langlois in New Kirrie. I was offered a job in Geneva as a journalist and from there I was promoted to Editor-in-Chief six years later.

I want to make a clear commitment to everyone today that from this podium we will share the truth and nothing but the truth. While I may not always have all of the information, I will always make sure that whatever information I do have is correct and accurate. I hope this will serve as an example as well to all of the news outlets covering Caputia.

To start, I have a few announcements:

 - The Prime Minister will be visiting Haifa and San Luis to meet with victims and families of those affected by the recent incidence of religious violence in those areas. The Prime Minister's visit will also include a meeting with local religious and community leaders of the Stripping Path and with the local government officials of those areas. He will be accompanied by his wife, Merley Landry, and his immediate staff. Regional military commanders and local police commanders will also meet with the Prime Minister to discuss progress in ensuring order and safety.

 - The Privy Council has approved additional deployments of troops from the Army of Haifa and the Army of Zalae to ensure order, safety and security as we continue Operation Cobalt, the code name for the operation to pacify the affected areas and end sectarian violence. I refer you to the Ministry of Defense spokesman, Harold Hamilton, here today with me for further details on this Operation. It includes 20,000 soldiers on the ground and has as its aim the full disarmament, neutralization and arrest of the Order of Rochefort and its agitators, which have continued to agitate sectarian violence against the followers of the Stripping Path.

- I want to make it very clear to foreign media and governments who continue to get details of this terrible situation wrong - the Caputian government - Caputian religious, civil, or military authorities at any level - does not endorse or find this sectarian violence to be a representation of our values as a country, nor is it instigated or enabled by us. The violence is unacceptable and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that every Caputian can finally live in peace, secure in their country, free to believe and worship as they see fit. Before disreputable foreign news outlets and the government they inform continue to share and forward assertions without veracity, we want to make it clear, and have been making it clear over and over. So... please read, everyone. Get your facts straight, don't make me repeat this twice - everyone has this on their notes, right? *room erupts in chuckles* Moving on, I don't need to tell you guys how to do your job. This Government will continue to develop a stronger, more unified voice on behalf of human rights in our country and abroad. I am also dismayed by a broader rise of intolerance towards religious and other minorities in Caputia. The current wave of violent, and often lethal, mob attacks against people under the pretext of "cleansing Caputia" is deplorable and will be fought against. People who speak out for fundamental human rights are also threatened. Maria Coleman, a journalist who tirelessly addressed the corrosive effect of sectarianism and hatred and is herself a believer of the Melusinian Faith, has been repeatedly threatened with violence. She is not the only one. I have been heartened by the subsequent marches calling for protection of the right to freedom of expression, and by demonstrations in 12 cities, including Zalae, to protest the violence. Human rights defenders who work for the rights of Caputia's most vulnerable groups are considered allies in building on Caputia's achievements to create a stronger and more inclusive society.

- The Prime Minister is working with the Mayors and Government officials in the city of Lewisburg and Tel-Amin, where we have housing, food, clothing and supplies available for those escaping dangerous areas. We will continue to do our utmost to provide all the help in relocation should anyone determine that they wish to relocate until the sectarian violence has ended. I also encourage our Caputian citizens to disregard misguided and uninformed foreign pronunciations encouraging those that are under threat of real violence and bodily harm to stay in their homes. These foreign governments do not have any intelligence, verified information or much less any real sources to supply them with the intelligence needed to reach those conclusions. If you are under threat, please evacuate. A fund has been created to help resettle, relocate and give families and individuals escaping the violence financial means by which to reestablish themselves. This Government is committed to protecting its citizens and delivering for them.

- The Government has announced that the Home Office's Bureau of Missing Persons is now fully operational and moving fast on essential confidence building measures, such as release of land occupied by the military, and resolving long-pending cases registered with the Government from the civil war. It will be our plan to request the incoming Parliament to enact a law to strengthen the Bureau of Missing Persons through a new law in line with international human rights standards. This Government will move quickly to establish transitional justice mechanisms, and to establish a clear timeline and benchmarks for the implementation of these and other commitments.

- The General Synod of the Church of Caputia has also strenuously come out against this sectarian violence. The Order of Rochefort is composed of extremist elements that do profess the Melusinian Faith. However, it must be clear that is is not representative of the millions of faithful that with one voice condemn and fight against these extremists.

- We are happy to report that late last night, several leaders of the Order of Rochefort meeting in secret amidst the ruins of the city of Rudolfh were killed in a daring operation to neutralize the command and control capabilities of the Order of Rochefort. Invaluable information was recovered that will help us continue to hunt down sectarian extremists and put a real end to the violence.

- The Prime Minister continues to work on the Throne Speech and meeting with the Committee for the State Opening of Parliament. The Committee is composed of various members that organize the State Opening of Parliament. Details will be released prior to the State Opening, slated for December 8th. The Throne Speech will provide insight into the Government's agenda which will include the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the creation of the Bank of Caputia and economic reforms to jump start our economy, key investments in infrastructure, the creation of a new and fair system of taxation and many other measures.

- The Prime Minister is working with the Foreign Office to invite foreign dignitaries to visit Caputia and address the first Parliament. The Foreign Office has advised to invite officials from Hoenn, Constancia, and Craitland. More information will be released or provided during the Throne Speech.

I will now open up the floor for questions.
Press conference is over.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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