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[CBC] Caputian political scene buzzing over new political movements
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ZALAE -- With the official summons of the first Caputian Parliament by the Queen, a race has been set in motion all over the country from behind Bellesea Palace doors to the most remote parts of the country in Cibola to politically organize in time for its opening.

Sources close to discussions in Woodrest Mansion say that there is an Order-in-Council under consideration by the Government to create and open a process in which citizens can create political parties ahead of the State Opening of Parliament. The coming Parliament will be composed of the same 250 delegates meeting in Zalae under the Constitution Convention, and until now they were aligned with the factions of the civil war. But now, each will be able to choose a political affiliation as nascent political movements begin to register and form.

In his first statement to the nation, incoming Prime Minister Christophe Landry promised to lead "a one-nation Government, a Government of National Unity," but did not specify whether he'd hold his Ministers to the same rule.

"There's going to be a stampede to fill applications at Home Office and activists with clipboards in every neighborhood, even in the lobby of the Parliament," says former Constitutional Convention Deputy and now MP for San Luis, Jean-Noël Prudhomme. Originally Alexandrian, when the Alexandrian flu destroyed that Empire, he emigrated to Caputia where he landed deep in National Salvation Front territory. After joining the fight with the National Salvation Front, he was named to the Convention at the end of the war as a representative of the group. "It's an exciting part of our history, but let's hope that the Parliament is not too heavily fragmented."

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A phone poll of all the incoming Members of Parliament has determined that as soon as political parties can register with the Home Office, the National Unity Party is set to be the party with the most Deputies, counting with 128 MPs. It is followed in size by the National Salvation Party, with 61 MPs. Two other parties, the Liberal League and Hatnuah have 20 and 10, respectively.

But with 31 Deputies declaring themselves "unaligned or independent," there is still room for any of the parties to grow, possibly leaving the National Unity Party with a weak majority of 3 Deputies.

Until the planned Order-in-Council opening the registration of political parties with the National Electoral Board is issued, these numbers are a glimpse of what we can possibly expect in the new Parliament opening in December.

The next Parliament will decide on important questions - mainly how it will organize itself, how long will its current session be and how elections will be run in five years once the first general elections will take place. By then, the seat arrangement may change drastically as party affiliation becomes more settled after a year of legislating and governing the new Kingdom.

The next Parliament will also weight important questions such as calls for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the creation of a new currency, and a Charter for a new national bank, the Bank of Caputia. The matter of creating a new national judiciary will be pressing the new Parliament as well.

Sources confirm that the Prime Minister is in talks with his Ministers on a collective agenda to present in the State Opening of Parliament, where the Queen will read her first Speech from the Throne. Details are vague, but the agenda includes honoring the Declaration of Caputian Neutrality made by the Queen and a robust investment in infrastructure and defense.

The Caputian neutrality policy, however, is the first source of contention among MPs. Some headed to the first Parliament want a frank debate on the merits and a full vote to confirm their agreement or rejection of the policy.

That same poll, however, reveals that Deputies agree with the policy overwhelmingly - with 200 of them on the record confirming their support. A vocal yet small minority is split between Caputia joining the SANE Alliance or the USSO. 27 Deputies support joining SANE and 23 Deputies support joining the USSO. These numbers could change should a debate come up in the Parliament and political parties begin to try to apply party discipline around their collective party positions on the issue.

"Most Members of Parliament will probably want to keep the neutrality policy - there are people back home that are seriously tired of war, slaughter and death," says former Constitutional Convention Deputy and MP from Monovia Roger Dean. "They want an economy that churns out butter, bread, and jobs, not tanks and bombers."

Landry Government Ministers have yet to announce their political affiliation. It is not clear if they will follow the Prime Minister's example, join one the new parties, or try to seek support to create their own political movements.

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Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia
NOTE: Caputia is starting with some political parties being formed, but they may very different from those that may be the ones who end up actually challenging the first general elections.

It is encouraged that new citizens take their pick of one of these parties instead of creating new political parties. Creating new parties will still be allowed but will be considered like starting from absolute zero. You will have to wheel, deal, and be extremely active in Parliament, and in time, you *may* be able to catch a political wave to more seats and more growth in the longer term.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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