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[ABC] Alexandrian news about Hamland - ARCHIVE
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June 22, 2017

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Quote:GENEVA, BAUDRIX; ABC NEWS -- The National Provisional Authority and key members of the rebel Hammish opposition have agreed to a cease-fire in the war-torn country, a spokesman and mediator for the Council of Free Nations announced at the Maison Verneuil outside of Geneva.

Fighting between the forces of General Augustus Eliphas and the rebel opposition groups in the provinces of Hamland, Anglia, Israat, Neo-Patrova, and San Luis de Hamlandia has killed over 1 million people and displaced millions more since it began last year. To add, disease and famine have ravaged the country unchecked as most resources are geared towards the war. A cease-fire between the warring parties was reached tentatively but was routinely violated by all sides.

National Provisional Authority on the run

Since the various Hammish opposition groups created the National League to reach key military objectives and speak united at the Geneva Peace Conference, the civil war has seen a rapid degradation of the capabilities of the National Provisional Authority.

The conflict in western Hamland has seen a large uptick in fighting as the SANE-backed Hammish Republican Army has scored crushing victories over weakened NPA forces.

In eastern Hamland, the Pallisican backed National Salvation Front has also made strong gains after the fall of Macsen. With support from a nascent rebel group, the Haifan Nationalist Army, they have been able to completely rout the National Provisional Authority in Haifa. Most recently, the NSF captured the city of Tonar after a prolonged and deadly siege of the city.

In northern Hamland, the Ravaillac Loyalists decisively defeated the Weanburg Militias with support from Shireroth and Natopia, and are now in close cooperation with the Hammish Republican Army in northern and western Hamland. Previously a group that favored the creation of a Hammish Republic, the Hammish Republican Army has conditionally lent support to Regina Ravaillac through the National League. In response, the large financial and logistical resources of the Ravaillac fortune have funded a strong HRA offensive against the NPA.

The National Provisional Authority, under the leadership of General Augustus Eliphas, continues to be crippled by the latest victories and advances by the Hammish Opposition.

After a thorough purge of the armed forces and the National Provisional Authority, the regime of General Eliphas has begun to fold as top ranking talent has defected to the Hammish Republican Army and the Ravaillac Loyalists.

A Constitutional Convention

The National League convened a Constitutional Convention in the city of Zalae, a city that has become the de facto capital of the Hammish opposition. The mood in the rebel capital however is one of cautious optimism, as the Constitutional Convention cannot make significant progress without the civil war's end and the removal of General Eliphas from power.

This has not deterred Delegates from all over Hamland, even some from NPA-held territories from meeting to discuss preliminary plans for an election that will fill the Convention to lend it real legitimacy.

However, the coordination between the different rebel opposition groups is precarious. Last week, the Executive Committee of the National League offered the Crown of Hamland to their lead negotiator and Chairwoman, Regina Ravaillac. This met with some resistance from the Hammish Republican Army and the National Salvation Front, who both believe that Hamland must become a Republic.

When offered the Crown of Hamland, however, Regina Ravaillac imposed conditions to accepting, namely a referendum to approve the move before she can be crowned.

A precarious cease-fire

The cease-fire is fragile and depends on all parties committing to continuing the peace talks at Maison Verneuil in Geneva. Current talks are centering around the fate of the Eliphas regime and on the future of the nation. The National League has issued a wish to "refound the nation" in an effort to move past a "national nightmare" and facilitate reconciliation. The National Provisional Authority insists however that no progress can be made until rebel forces have laid their weapons down and agreed to recognize the NPA as the rightful Hammish government.

The monitoring mission of the Council of Free Nations has said that NSF fighters shot at its patrol of two armored vehicles outside the rebel stronghold of Macsen. NSF authorities denied any role in the incident and said they have detained the individuals who attacked the patrol.

"We welcome any initiative to reduce tensions and violence in Hamland. We will judge this initiative by the results not the words. The opposition and the Hammish regime should similarly halt attacks to allow the ceasefire to endure — and hopefully be extended — and humanitarian aid to reach those in need," said Special Envoy to Hamland and Alexandrian representative Monica Roig.

Rebel opposition fighters portrayed the ceasefire as a small victory. "The regime's forces have stopped their military operations after big losses in equipment and men since the start of their campaign and after the failure of repeated attempts to advance," a National League spokesman told ABC.

The ceasefire may alleviate pressure on NPA forces, possibly allowing the regime to push for more territory elsewhere. But military analyst Amaryllis Fox noted that "the Eliphas regime's depleted manpower means that it cannot conquer one piece of territory without exposing itself somewhere else."
Chairman of the Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland
Interim Prime Minister of Hamland
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

[Posts prior to Jan. 27, 2017 are from Sir Donat Ravaillac, OSJ.]
(Part of the Central Committee of Edgards)

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