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Constitutional Convention Offers Throne of Hamland To Regina Ravaillac

Quote:We have authentic accounts of the proceedings of the deputation commissioned by the Constitutional Convention gathered at Zalae City Hall that went to the Imperial City of Geneva in Alexandria to offer the Crown of Hamland to the Governor-General of United Monovia, Regina Ravaillac. They left Zalae on Sunday and arrived at Geneva on the Tuesday following. At the request of the Imperial Government of Alexandria special carriages were provided for them; and, we further learn, they were treated with the utmost distinction along the line. The Ministers and officials who represent the Hammish Opposition in the Geneva Peace Conference had previously notified to their respective authorities the departure of the deputation, and requested that they should be spared the annoyance of having their luggage examined by Custom-house officers, and otherwise be forwarded on their way as comfortably and as speedily as possible. On their arrival at Geneva, the President of the Deputation, Mr. Theodulus Bertrand Michel, who has resided in Alexandria, or, at least, has not been in Hamland for more than eight years, paid his respects to His Imperial Highness, the Dauphin, who received him in the most gracious manner. The Emperor was not in Geneva at the moment, having gone to Edgardia to be present at the celebration of the city's anniversary.

Following the greeting at Geneva, Mr. Michel and his fellow delegates left for the Maison Verneuil in the outskirts of the city, where delegates of the Hammish Opposition and the National Provisional Authority are meeting to reach peace for Hamland. They found no difficulty in getting quarters, for the Dauphin himself had been obliging enough to hire for them the whole of the first floor of the principal hotel of the town, where two chamberlains were in attendance to show them their rooms. It appears the leading citizens of the town of Verneuil disputed with each other the honor of placing their equipages at their orders. They drove out to the Maison Verneuil on Saturday, and were received by the future Queen, surrounded by her aides, chamberlains, and supporting staff.

After the usual compliments, they exhibited the vote of the "notables" of the Constitutional Convention engrossed on parchment. It was enclosed in the handle of a sceptre of solid gold which had been sent from Hamland, and had been made at the shortest notice by Hammish artists. This emblem of sovereignty represents a lion and a unicorn supporting the Royal Crown, encircled with a garland of laurels and olives. Mr. Michel was the spokesman on the occasion. He described the events and vicissitudes which had led the Hammish nation to seek the reestablishment of monarchy, which he showed to be the necessary consequence of all that has occurred since the National Emergency. As a matter, of course, he paid a just tribute of homage to the Emperor Edgard II (and to Alexandria) who took so leading a part in the great and noble task of Hammish regeneration. He added, that in making choice of a native Hammish leader, the "notables" had only rendered homage to their country, and to the legacy and leadership of her father, Donat Ravaillac, a martyr of the Hammish nation. Mr. Michel grew warm with his theme. The finger of the Heavens, he said, by endowing the Governor-General of United Monovia with the richest and rarest qualities, pointed and designed her as the object of the unanimous choice of the people. The Governor-General could not refuse the crown thus spontaneously and enthusiastically offered to her without opposing the designs of Providence; and if Providence had brought out to light the gifts and merits of the Governor-General, it was clearly in order to direct them toward the fulfillment of the great work -- the salvation and regeneration of Hamland.

The Governor-General, in reply, said:

"The wishes of the Constitutional Convention of Hamland in Zalae have touched me deeply. It cannot but be exceedingly flattering for me that they have turned their eyes to the Ravaillac family. Although the mission of maintaining the independence and welfare of Hamland on a solid foundation, and with free institutions, is a most noble one, I must, nevertheless, declare that the monarchy cannot be reestablished on a legitimate and firm basis without a spontaneous expression of the wishes of the whole nation. I must make my acceptance of the throne dependent upon a plebiscite of the whole country. On the other hand, it would be my duty to ask for guarantees, which are indispensable to secure Hamland against the dangers which threaten her integrity and independence. Should these guarantees be obtained, and the universal vote of the nation be given in my favor, I am ready to accept the crown. In case Providence should call me to this high mission, I must at once declare that it is my firm intention to open the path of progress by a Constitution, as my father wished, that will refound the country and renew its people, and after the complete pacification of the country to seal the fundamental law with an oath. By such means only can a new and really national policy be called into existence by which all parties, forgetting all disputes, would cooperate with me in raising Hamland to a prominent rank among nations. Carry back with you these frank declarations to your fellow citizens, and act in such a manner that it may become possible for the nation to declare what form of government it desires to have."

It is believed that the conditions of the Governor-General's acceptance of the crown are the same as those named in private conversations between Constitutional Convention officials and the Governor-General's Office, according to which she considers the cooperation of Alexandria, Stormark and Shireroth, Hamland's close allies, to be the only means by which order can be reestablished, and that a free manifestation of the wish of the whole people is absolutely necessary.

The Governor-General stated, in conversation with the members of the deputation, that she would only accept the crown if all these conditions were fulfilled, and that she would now await their fulfillment.

On Saturday and Sunday, the deputation was hospitably regaled at Maison Verneuil, and the population of Verneuil are said to be wild with joy.
Chairman of the Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland
Interim Prime Minister of Hamland
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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