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[READ FIRST] Terms of Service and Charter

Quote:Supremacy of the Terms of Service and Game Charter.

These Terms of Service are ultimately the final authority on administration and moderation of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. Should conflicts arise, the rules contained herein are considered supreme and will trump any rules or announcement that contradict it.

The Kingdom of the Union of Caputia is an online community composed of many participants, seeking to provide a fun and enjoyable simulation of the inner workings of a Kingdom. The simulation includes participation in political, economic, military, diplomatic and other aspects.

Caputia exists within the world of Micras, a fictional world where many other micronations and simulations exist and interact with each other.

To participate in Caputia, all participants must abide by these Terms of Service.

All content in these boards is subject to these Terms of Service. Basic premise - we want Caputia to be 100% SFW (safe for work).


1. The Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. The Kingdom of the Union of Caputia, referred to as "Caputia", is a forum-based role-playing game and a geofictional simulation. It is set in the modern era. The simulation includes participation in political, economic, military, diplomatic and other aspects of governance. This game will try to be as realistic as possible, while remaining flexible to allow creative development to progress and enrich the community.

2. Web Infrastructure. Caputia includes a website (, a game forum (/community/index.php) and any other web infrastructure it owns and operates (including the Caputian Discord server), as defined and officially recognized by the Administrative Board.

3. Copyright of Caputian content. All content in the web infrastructure belonging to Caputia is under the legal responsibility of Caputia and its owners, with the content therein under copyright.

4. In-Character and Out of Character. Players can define their actions as follow: IC (in character) or OOC (out of character). To ensure the right balance of the game, players are asked not to mix IC and OOC. Please do not abuse (read: overuse) IC or OOC tags.

5. Caputia Fo' Free, Friends of Caputia. Caputia is a free game. No payment will ever be required from players to access full functionality. However, to pay for the web hosting and infrastructure, we have the Friends of Caputia group where players can voluntarily donate towards the cost of upkeep. The donation is not an obligation and only go towards covering the annual costs of hosting.

6. Term for Members. The term 'member', 'player',' character', 'user', 'participant' are all associated with a registered account with Caputia. Members are required to abide by the forum regulations or face administrative action. Players are bound to forum regulation and all other regulations, code, and law by essence of registering on this forum.


7. Language. Comments deemed objectionable by Caputian law or international law are strictly prohibited. Offenders will be liable to prosecution and to a permanent ban. To ensure the application of this rule, the IP address of each user is recorded and may be provided to appropriate authorities if necessary.

8. Prohibited Activities, Editing In-Character Posts. Trolling, spam, phishing, copyrighted file sharing and/or sharing of infected files is strictly prohibited. Editing IC posts is prohibited. This game requires the verification of past posts in order to function, and since we have no capacity to find out what past versions of an edited look like. Unless the post in question has a serious typo, it's probably fine being left alone. If a post really has something you'd like to change, simple: make a new post after with the corrections and note them in the new post.

9. Defamation. Defamation, insults, and provocations between players are forbidden. They are nevertheless tolerated between the characters but are not without risk. Your character is subject to Caputian laws and regulations, please note that your character's actions have consequences in the game.

10. Player Conduct. The conduct of all players is expected to be professional and mature. Registered members must be at least thirteen years old or older, and must abide to the PG-13 rating of the website. Never post content in-game that would be considered inappropriate for users under the age of 18 - this includes violent or pornographic images. Furthermore: when in-character, do not post profanity in threads. Realism and maturity is the general guideline when browsing these forums.

11. Golden Rule, Identity, Civility. The Golden Rule is in effect; do not treat others in a way you would not want to be treated, and treat others like you would want to be treated. Conduct found to be unethical or demoralizing to other players will not be tolerated. Under no circumstances may any player reveal the personal (real) identity of another without that individual first admitting it on the forum. In Caputia, we value realism - but we don't care how ugly, immature, or petty real-life politicians are. Here, fun takes precedence over reality, and uncivil behavior generally is only fun for the person who's doing it. Be fiery, be passionate, be partisan, but be an adult about it.

12. Reporting Violations, Admin Accessibility. If a member finds a violation of these Terms of Service has a duty to inform the staff as soon as possible by private message. Just as if a member finds a security vulnerability, it must inform the staff as soon as possible so it is corrected ASAP. Exploiting a vulnerability is considered hacking or cheating and will be subject to sanctions and prosecutions for the most serious cases. When in doubt, always ask for admin approval. We're willing to introduce interesting elements and entertain ideas, but the administrative stamp of approval needs to go on anything that goes beyond individual players or groups of players.


13. Account Name. The login names of members must be composed of at least one first name and one last name/surname. The names of actual figures and fictitious characters, like Harry Potter for example, are prohibited. The name chosen must not be taken by another player or be too similar to it. Please remember: all proper names begin with a capital letter. Administrators may force members to change their name at any time.

12. Valid E-mail Address, Admin Validation of Accounts. In order to validate the registration, enable your account, reset your password or receive messages from the forum, you are asked to enter a valid email address. If you do not receive the activation message, make sure to look in your Spam or Junk folders. You can also report any issues to the Administrators if you need any help. Please note that after you have confirmed your email, administrators must validate your account for use. This is another anti-spam layer of protection.

13. Multis and SIM-ID's. Multis or Sim-IDs are allowed, which means people can manage and play multiple characters in Caputia. A player may have one to four multis, or secondary characters. An elected position is automatically the primary or main character. However, an IP address = one master account with the right to vote. Other accounts would then be considered non-playing characters (NPCs). There is a limit of 4 multis or sim-IDs for members, but this rule does not apply to Administrators. Special waivers may be granted by an Administrator to a member if a proposed multi would be of significant importance to the development of the game. Members cannot perform the same position with several different characters under their control, unless Administrators have granted a special waiver.

14. IP Sharing. If two or more players will be sharing an IP address, all of those using the same IP must play from the same political party and is not allowed to change parties unless they all agree to do so. If a friend or relative joins the game and shares the IP of an already existing player, that existing player must alert the admin team to this second player's joining and provide an explanation of their relationship. Members connected to the same IP may be banned if they attempt to play from 2 different parties, do not alert Administrators about their connection and there are attempts to hide or cover up the relationship.

15. Change character to Multi. A player may choose at any time to switch a main account to a Multi, and vice versa. To do this, simply make a public request to the Administrators in the New Players forum.

16. Multi Cheating Prohibited. It is expressly prohibited for members to use the knowledge accumulated by one character in order to promote their other characters in their control or the disclosure of confidential and privileged information. If a player finds another player uses their multis to circulate unduly collected information, they have a duty to notify the Administrators.


17. Appropriate Avatar Sizes. The size of the avatars must be between 150 px wide by 200 px high and 200 px wide by 200 px high. Indecent or offensive images are prohibited.

18. Avatar for all Members Requested. It is requested that all players choose an avatar. It can be someone who is currently alive or dead. The avatar you choose must be consistent with the character you play in terms of age and gender. Please make sure you do not select an avatar someone is already using. The Administrators reserve the right to ask a member to change their avatar at any time.

19. Signatures. Signatures can contain text and still pictures. The total size of the signature should not exceed a width of 500 px by a height of 150px, or 6-7 lines of text, or a mix of both respecting the total height.


20. Characters not static. Members' characters are likely to evolve over time. It is required for all to always consider the historical context, the background, geography and time, and to establish minimum coherency in the actions of one's character(s).

21. Role-playing not mandatory. Role-playing (here defined as the detailed simulation of the daily life of a character) is not mandatory. However, it is expected that all members will respect the stories and role play of others.

22. Spelling and grammar. No rules on writing are imposed. However, members are asked to please mind their spelling and grammar in all sections of the forum and especially during role-playing. However, please be kind and courteous to all, as many may speak English as a second language.

23. Private Messages. All private messages are automatically considered private correspondence that may or may not have IC and/or OOC effects. Please bear that in mind when using the private messaging feature in this forum. It is forbidden to publish text from private message(s) except when denouncing a breach of the rules to competent authorities; if the sender and recipient have explicitly agreed to release the message(s); and/or if the message was explicitly marked as part of role-play by its author.

24. Metagaming/Godmodding Defined, Prohibited. "Metagaming" or "Godmodding" are terms used to refer to player actions that seek to control circumstances or people outside of their own character. In a broad sense, metagaming violates the rules when it seeks to impact the game through controlling any character or the circumstances around a character other than the player's own. The attempt to impact the game is the applicable portion here, and the most important factor in determining if an action is metagaming.

Here's a few examples:
Not Metagaming/Godmodding: Applause in a speech, stock questions in a fundraiser or press conference, claims of disenchanted masses on a policy;
Metagaming/Godmodding: Claiming large attendance at a rally, creating NPC hecklers and troublemakers, claiming the support of people who have not explicitly endorsed you.

25. Rules Laywering. "Rules lawyering" is defined here as attempting to take advantage of loopholes, technical language, or other perceived shortcomings in the rules in order to produce a result which is not in line with their intent and which, more likely than not, benefits oneself or one's own political party or interests. However, we recognize that sometimes there are problems in the rules, and we encourage members to bring it up to the Admins right away.

- Read the Rules - If you find something vague, ask the Admins for assistance. We'd be happy to clear things up and hope to update the rules regularly with input from the players.
- Bring Problems Up Immediately - We can't predict anything, and if you see a problem with how a rule meshes with a new situation in the game, bring it up to us immediately. Sitting on a rule and only springing it once someone steps in it is a surefire way to get an otherwise legitimate complaint thrown in the "rules lawyering" bin. Do not take actions counting on an alternative interpretation of the rules in the hopes that we will validate it after, and in doing so do not give the admin the abridged version of what's going on.


26. Admins and Mods run the simulation. Simulation of news and events are run by the Administrators and Moderators. News and events must be realistic, take into account the actions of characters and other events, and be true to the Caputian canon.

27. Sim participation not mandatory. Participation in a game scenario is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. It may be harmful for your character to not participate in game scenarios and events, and it contributes to the activity and life of the community. If you ever have any questions or aren't sure about something - feel free to ask in the relevant community or administration forums.

28. Members responsible for their characters. Each member is responsible for the story, destiny, and progression of their character(s) in Caputia. These cannot influence other events such as admin-simulated events or the stories, destinies and progressions of other characters without their consent or consent of the Administrators.

29. Character Deaths. No character may die without the consent of its owner. The death of characters should not be abused by anyone, as it is detrimental to the game. Assassinations or other dramatic deaths are to be first evaluated and approved by Administrators on a case by case basis.

30. Scenario Cancellation. At any time, the Administrators may cancel a scenario and its resulting consequences.

31. Members' Code of Conduct: Members of Caputia are strongly encouraged to follow these basic rules of conduct as a requirement for participation:

- Members should never engage in cheating or plagiarism, the creation of illegal multiple accounts, attempting to hide one's identity via proxies, or metagaming/godmodding. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated, it ruins the game for everyone. Plain and simple: if you're gonna cheat, we'll ban you.
- Members should not engage in flaming, trolling, baiting or harass anyone. This extends to passive-aggression, tongue-in-cheek and other sorts of roundabout ways of being rude and disrespectful.
- We want Caputia to be a consistently SFW (safe for work) site. That means no posting explicit sexual content, gore, excessive obscenity.
- Everyone has opinions. Please don't flame people based on ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, location, sexual orientation, lifestyle, etc. People can have disagreements and be civil.
- Remember this is a political simulation. We all want to have our fun, but please keep in mind that you should play your role realistically in terms of your IC behavior. Becoming maliciously disruptive will hurt you and won't win you friends in Caputia.


32. The Administrative Board. Caputia is managed and administered by an Administrative Board.

33. Some powers and responsibilities of the Administrative Board. The Administrative Board is responsible for managing, and administering all of Caputia's web infrastructure and all of its assets. The Administrative Board also leads the Friends of Caputia group as well. All administrators will have the same powers as any Moderator or SuperModerator, and shall be guaranteed access to the Administrative Control Panel. Administrators have the power to identify unwanted messages or messages in violation of these Rules and dispose of them, and any other clerical or administrative duties and responsibilities. Being an Administrator may require knowledge of MyBB, MySQL, HTML and CSS; and acuity at moving, merging, adding, and deleting text, graphics, and links. The Administrative Board shall have the power to validate all accounts registered in the forums to help avoid spamming and trolling, and the power to distribute sanctions and punishments. They do not have the right of access to private areas to which they have not been invited.

34. Private Information Protected. No Administrator or Moderator can disclose information in private areas of the forum unless it is in conflict with real life law or these Rules.

35. Moderators and SuperModerators. There shall be a group of Moderators that will assist the Administrative Board on duties and responsibilities specifically assigned to them by the Administrative Board. There shall be two kinds of moderators: Moderator and SuperModerator. Moderators are responsible for moderating the forums under their jurisdiction, and membership is specifically limited to (3) at a time. They identify unwanted messages or messages in violation of these Rules and dispose of them, and any other clerical or administrative duties and responsibilities that is given to them by the Administrative Board. Being a Moderator requires knowledge of HTML and acuity at moving, merging, adding, and deleting text, graphics, and links. SuperModerators are responsible for moderating the entire Caputian forum, and their membership is specifically limited to no more than two (2) at any time. Members may have SuperModerators assist them with technical problems with site access and posting. Supplementary duties of both Moderators and SuperModerators may include relocating discussions to more appropriate sections, closing or locking threads, editing posts for clarity or content, and deleting threads. Administrators may grant powers to Moderators and SuperModerators to ban users if an abusive member refuses to cease unacceptable behavior.

36. Administrative Board Membership. The Administrative Board are appointed to their positions by the Owner, with approval and consent of the rest of the Administrative Board. The mandate of an Administrator can be removed at any time by a majority decision of the Administrative Board, or by decision of the Owner, but only if the Administrator is found to be inactive, corrupt, or incompetent. Administrators should always be impartial and fair in all their decisions.

37. Administrative Board Code of Conduct. All Administrators shall abide by the following code of conduct, recognizing the other rules and regulations that are already provided for in these Rules. The dissemination of private information (like email address or IP), the use of any power to block someone, put pressure on any member or disturb the development of the game are serious offenses punishable by a permanent dismissal of administrative rights and/or a full ban.

- Administrators will rise above personal, political and cultural differences in dealing with the players. If an Administrator feels incapable of being fair towards a player, another Administrator must handle the situation instead and make a decision.
- Administrators are obligated to respond to issues and complaints, as quickly as possible. Please recognize that some time may be needed for the Administrative Board to arrive at a decision. Feel free to reach out if no updates or resolutions are given on a timely manner.
- Administrators should always be accessible via PM, and be able to discuss any issues any players have - complaints or otherwise - when needed. Conversation about game development, including constructive suggestions and criticisms, are always welcome.
- Administrators should strive to always be consistent. The same standards shall have to be applied to players and parties in disputes that are similar. This will require strong knowledge of the rules, and knowledge of precedence.
- Administrators should always treat all players with respect, and players should always respect the Administrators, Moderators and SuperModerators. Administrators will not engage in any behavior that would normally lead to a member receiving punishment.
- Administrators must always make decisions together. None of the Administrators will ever post news stories, begin scenarios or issue rulings without having consulted with the rest of the Administrative Board first. Members who seek an Administrator to rule against another Administrator's decision will be banned.
- Administrators must remain active, engaged and productive in Caputia, its management, and its development. It is expected that all Administrators will at least post 5 times a week, unless a previously arranged/notified absence or a leave of absence prevents it. The Administrative Board will strive to produce news stories, scenarios, opportunities for more player interaction, mini-games, address issues and complaints and do routine and regular forum maintenance every week. If any Administrator is inactive for more than fourteen (14) days without any proactive behavior or good reason, they will be removed from the Administrative Board.

38. List of Administrators, SuperModerators and Moderators. The Chief Administrator will keep a list of all the active and participating Administrators, SuperModerators and Moderators in Caputia. This list will be publican available for all to see, and must be regularly reviewed and updated with each person's scope of powers and responsibilities. Administrators are expected to maintain strong attendance and activity levels.


39. PM Advertising in Caputia Banned. Advertising any and all other projects, games, micronations or forums via private message or board e-mail in Caputia is strictly prohibited and must be reported as soon as possible to the Administrative Board or a SuperModerator.

40. Acceptable Advertising, 50 Post Minimum. It is possible for members to advertise only in the area(s) specifically reserved for this purpose and according to the established model. For anyone to advertise anything in Caputia, a minimum of 50 posts is required. This minimum may be waived by the Administrative Board only.


41. Member/User Responsible For Own Words. Caputia cannot be held responsible or liable for the content of posts, private messages, or on the User Profile or Signature. The Member automatically agrees and acknowledges by joining Caputia that they are solely responsible for the information, text, data, images, files, links to a website, blog or forum they post in Caputia, including messages, posts, contributions in the forums.

42. No External Links. Caputia can not be considered responsible for the content of external sites, the operation of the access to these sites. Caputia does not endorse, support or condone and is wholly not responsible for the content, ideas, opinions, products, processes, or services sold or freely given on these external sites.

43. Link Responsibility. Members acknowledge by joining Caputia that they are solely responsible for hypertext links and Internet addresses that it includes in its messages, posts, contributions in the forums.

These Terms of Service and Rules, along with any Administrator decision, may change at any time upon decision of the Chief Administrator or on a proposal of the Administrative Board or the Members. The changes will be announced publicly in a topic dedicated to the change or rule update.


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia
RecWar Policy

Caputia will not be involved in any recwars or simulated conflicts unless the following criteria is met:
  • the Queen and the Prime Minister have been both approached with the idea and the Government as well as Parliament has approved Caputian involvement;
  • A sincere effort is made to maintain realistic narratives and actions within the recwar by all of its actors;
  • An impartial judge is appointed to arbitrate and regulate the recwar.
Contributing to Caputia

As previously stated, all the content relating to Caputia that is posted on the forums or any Caputian web infrastructure is property of Caputia as it forms part of the identity of the country and its canon.

If a participant wishes to leave Caputia, the content they have created is part of Caputia and cannot be removed or magically erased. It is assumed that if you participate in Caputia, you are committing your work and creations to be part of Caputia permanently.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia
[Image: 6leRTXY.png]
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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