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The Hamland Report (from the Hammish Humanitarian Council)
[Image: HamlandReportBanner.png]

The Hammish Humanitarian Council is a Hammish humanitarian movement that counts on hundreds of thousands of volunteers, members and staff around the country, founded to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering in Hamland.

Their support extends to the national armed forces, civilians and the armed opposition. They regularly visit detainees under the custody of the National Provisional Authority, but have also occasionally had access to people detained by the National Salvation Front, the Hammish Republican Army and the Ravaillac Loyalists. They have provided basic first aid training and aid kits to both the Hammish security forces and other faction members because the organization stipulates that all parties harmed by warfare will be treated as fairly as possible.

The Hamland Report provides information on the humanitarian crises regarding the Hammish Civil War.
Chairman of the Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland
Interim Prime Minister of Hamland
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

[Posts prior to Jan. 27, 2017 are from Sir Donat Ravaillac, OSJ.]
(Part of the Central Committee of Edgards)

The number of civilian deaths from airstrikes and artillery have decreased slightly since the beginning of the coup as Haifa and other regions were brought back into New Kirrie’s control. As the recent unrest unravels and opposition to General Eliphas mounts across the nation, these deaths are expected to increase dramatically.

Unlawful attacks on civilians by all parties involved in the Hammish Civil War have persisted. Strikes by the Hammish government continue to target, or indiscriminately strike civilian areas, including homes, markets, schools, and hospitals, using wide-area explosives, barrel bombs, cluster munitions, and flammable incendiary weapons.

Since the installation of Ravaillac as Interim Prime Minister, the Hammish Humanitarian Council documented several attacks on homes, medical facilities, markets and schools that appeared to be targeted, including a major airstrike by the Hammish government that hit the city of Judah which targeted its largest hospital and surrounding areas. Over this last week alone, there were several attacks on health facilities by the Hammish government on the cities of Ersoy, Forburgh, Weanburg, Orno, Kirnoa, and Lindsmouth.

Government forces used at least 13 types of cluster munitions in over 400 attacks on opposition-held areas since fighting began, killing and injuring civilians, including children. The national military operations, which began upon the naming of General Eliphas to succeed Ravaillac, have also extensively used cluster munitions. Cluster munitions have been outlawed by most countries since their submunitions fall over a wide area, failing to distinguish between fighters and civilians and because many submunitions fail to explode and become de facto land mines that can explode, if disturbed, even after many years if they are not cleared.

Government forces, and their allies, also increasingly resorted to the use of incendiary weapons, with at least 100 documented attacks on opposition-held areas in the last three weeks. Incendiary weapons induce a chain of chemical reactions that ignite fires which are hard to extinguish and cause excruciatingly painful burns that are difficult to treat.

Government forces also continued using toxic chemicals in several barrel bomb attacks. Hammish government helicopters dropped barrel bombs with toxic chemicals on residential neighborhoods in opposition-controlled cities of Ersoy, Forburgh, Weanburg, Orno, Kirnoa, and Lindsmouth.

The siege of civilian areas by government and pro-government forces and by armed opposition groups and blocking of humanitarian aid has been rampant. The Hammish government is requiring aid agencies to go through a bureaucratic approval system to obtain permits before accessing these areas. Local humanitarian officials have said that even in areas where aid was allowed in, the Hammish government has removed life-saving items from convoys. In the last two weeks alone, the government has prevented 80,000 medical treatment items, including diarrhea kits, emergency health kits, antibiotics, and other medicines, from going into besieged areas.

Arbitrary detention, ill-treatment, torture, and forced disappearances by government forces are widespread and systematic, and take place within a climate of impunity. Deaths in government detention from widespread torture, abuse, starvation, beatings, and disease is also extensive with at least 12,679 persons dying in custody since the beginning of the civil war, per local monitors.

Government security forces have used excessive force to quell riots inside prisons across the country that began two days ago, resulting in some injuries, per prisoners who spoke to the Hammish Humanitarian Council.

The Hammish Republican Army has announced it was splitting from the National Salvation Front. Since its split, it has been responsible for abuses including intentionally bombing civilian targets, abductions, arbitrary detentions, executions, and unlawful sieges. While information about HRA abuses is hard to obtain because of the difficulties independent monitors have accessing areas under their control, the HRA has publicized its unlawful attacks.

The HRA has claimed responsibility for several car bombings and suicide attacks in New Kirrie that demolished the Prime Minister’s Residence and other parts of New Kirrie, including near bus stations and a hospital, announcing that it was targeting areas where “government supporters gather.” The attacks killed 249 civilians.

The National Salvation Front has begun an offensive to take the city of Macsen. It has launched a series of bombings that also targeted hospitals, schools, and a civilian neighborhood, killing 1,645 and injuring 780, including children.

[Image: unknown.png]

The National Salvation Front has also claimed to have bombed Porapa, which is held by the NPA south of New Kirrie. Truck bombs exploded near a security center, a military base and a hospital, killing 348 people and injuring about 219 others.

Anti-government armed groups have launched indiscriminate mortar and other artillery strikes from areas under their control killing civilians in areas under government control. These attacks repeatedly hit known civilian objectives, including schools, churches, and markets.

The National Salvation Front and allied local organizations have set up local governance structures in large parts of Hamland. The Hammish Republican Army, the Weanburg Militias and the Ravaillac Loyalists have begun to do the same.

Relentless airstrikes, shelling, and widespread and systematic arbitrary detention, ill-treatment, torture, and forced disappearances have exacerbated a displacement crisis, both internally and externally, which has been further aggravated by shortfalls in humanitarian aid funding.

The Hammish government has lost control of many border checkpoints, allowing fighters and supplies to come from deep within the Keltian Green to support the National Salvation Front and the Hammish Republican Army. The National Salvation Front has benefitted the most from the flow of financial, logistical and physical support, with reports from independent monitors now saying that they mount a serious threat to Hammish government forces.

The Hammish Republican Army and the National Salvation Front have both sworn each other as mortal enemies, complicating the civil war further.
Chairman of the Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland
Interim Prime Minister of Hamland
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

[Posts prior to Jan. 27, 2017 are from Sir Donat Ravaillac, OSJ.]
(Part of the Central Committee of Edgards)
[Image: CivilWarMap.png]
Chairman of the Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland
Interim Prime Minister of Hamland
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

[Posts prior to Jan. 27, 2017 are from Sir Donat Ravaillac, OSJ.]
(Part of the Central Committee of Edgards)

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