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Daily Squidger [Jan. 27, 2017]
[Image: YUl78kh.png]


Welcome to the Daily Squidger's Top News of the day - the #1 news program in the Commonwealth of Hamland!

The Top News will give you fresh news from Hamland, and only give you the most basic facts so you can stay informed quickly.

January 27, 2017

[Image: 2iK3DSc.jpg]

  • Interim Prime Minister Donat Ravaillac was shot by anarchist radicals in New Kirrie. He was addressing soldiers at a military review when shot.

  • Ravaillac was rushed to New Kirrie Military Hospital. He was dead on arrival, at age 48. He is survived by his wife, Celia, and three children.

  • The Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland (CSSH) has named General Augustus Eliphas as Ravaillac's successor. He takes office immediately and has ordered a massive crackdown against resistance to the Council.

  • New Kirrie is among several Hammish cities that have seen a huge military crackdown. Military police are now patrolling some major cities, but across the country fighting between CSSH forces and a emboldened resistance has broken the country and threaten to descend into a massive civil war.

  • Ravaillac was a unifying figure across Hamland who aimed to transition the nation back to democracy. Plans were rumored to include a new Constitution and economic reforms aimed at creating jobs and rebuilding national infrastructure.

  • Responsibility for the Ravaillac assassination is disputed. Those loyal to Ravaillac insist that the assassination and rise of General Eliphus were planned by the military to wrestle control away from Ravaillac. Others believe that Ravaillac was killed by orders of the National Salvation Front.

  • Explosions rocked New Kirrie soon after Ravaillac's assassination. The Prime Minister's Residence was attacked by a car bomb inside a large truck. Some bridges and roads were also blown up, allegedly by anarchist radicals.
[Image: CivilWarMap.png]
Chairman of the Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland
Interim Prime Minister of Hamland
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

[Posts prior to Jan. 27, 2017 are from Sir Donat Ravaillac, OSJ.]
(Part of the Central Committee of Edgards)
Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland (CSSH) - The current Government of the Commonwealth of Hamland. It took power after the prolonged absences of Prime Minister Lewis and Seneschal Juan Teaodir. Initially led by Interim Prime Minister Donat Ravaillac until his assassination. The CSSH holds control of large parts of the country which are under martial law. The CSSH is currently led by General Augustus Eliphas.

Hammish Armed Forces: 815,578
National Security Directorate: 15,000
Hammish Home Guard: 78,000
Allied Groups: 15,800

National Salvation Front (NSF) - The National Salvation Front was created in response to the creation of the Council of State for the Salvation of Hamland, initially as a political organization that hoped to serve as a check and balance to the CSSH and help usher a restoration of democracy and normalcy. Defiance to the martial law heightened and the group formed a strong military wing, supported by incoming fighters and assistance from the neighboring Green. The NSF has control of vast swathes of the country and pose the greatest threat to the CSSH. It is led by Commander Elias Pershing.

National Salvation Forces: 178,766
Salvation Militias: 381,600
Hammish Armed Forces Defectors: 10,000
Allied Groups: 11,000

Hammish Republican Army (HRA) - The Hammish Republican Army was formed initially as a small paramilitary force that provided support and assistance to the CSSH in the Kingdom of Hamland. It maintained good relations with the Council as it was a strong supporter of Donat Ravaillac. With the assassination of Ravaillac, the HRA completely split with the Council and declared that it would seek to establish a United Hammish Republic. Hammish Air Force units at Kirnoa Air Base defected to the HRA, which makes it potentially lethal against the CSSH. The HRA is led by Supreme Commander Jorge Felicitas.

Hammish Republican Army: 112,000
Republican Militias: 88,000
Republican Guard: 14,000
3rd Wing [Hammish Armed Forces Defectors]: 6,000 Airmen and E-3B, C-17 and F-22A aircraft.

Weanburg Militias - The Weanburg Militias have taken control of a vast area, centered around Weanburg. The Weanburg Militias is controlled by a warlord, who has assumed the title of Lord of all Hamlands, Generalissimo Ignace Denueve. They are the weakest of all the current factions, keeping their control through looting, kidnapping and criminal activity.

Weanburg Militias: 85,000
Weanburg City Guard: 10,000

Ravaillac Loyalists - The Ravaillac Loyalists have taken control of all the Hammish overseas territories and are centered out of Monovia. They have seized control of some parts of northern Hamland in Keltia. The Ravaillac Loyalists hope to take control of the country and implement the Ravaillac Plan - call for national elections for a Constituent Assembly, draft a Constitution, ratify it by a national referendum and begin a transition back to democracy and stability. They're particularly well funded, receiving support from the vast Ravaillac fortune.

Army of Ravaillac: 100,000
Monovian Guard: 16,700
Freedom Guard: 15,100
Nickburg Militias: 12,710

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