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Citizenship Application: Edward Weatherill
Full Name of Caputian Character: Edward Weatherill

Age: 64

Caputian State of Residence: Hamland

Other Micronational Citizenships: Formerly Brettish Isles

Character Biographical Details: Edward Weatherill was once known as the Lord Weatherill of Hartshire in the Kingdom of Great Willow.

Name (as known in the Micras community):: Ivo

Preferred Method of Contact:: Discord, Hub PM or Bastion PM

Micronational Citizenships Held By You (all characters):: Ivo Angus
(and others I can't remember RN)

Affirmation of Loyalty: Yes (I Affirm)

Terms of Service and Charter of Caputian Involvement: Yes.


Having received this application, Her Majesty's Office of Immigration and Naturalization hereby APPROVES the application of Edward Weatherill , recognizing him as a citizen of Caputia and a resident of the state of Hamland.
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I
(formerly known as Regina Ravaillac)
Queen of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia

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