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A (Hoennese) Realm of Possibility
They were a very interesting people, with a fascinatingly unique culture, whose simplicity was profound, and where every movement had meaning.

For someone who had grown in the rough-and-tumble of Santanderian, and later Alexandrian politics, it was an entirely refreshing new perspective.

When he had the time, the Autokrator of Constancia, still in his full Court uniform with the ceremonial (but in his case, fully-functional) scabbard-ed sword, and the colorful ribbons and shiny medals on his chest, discreetly trailed by his military aide, he approached the Hoennese Prime Minister, made eye contact, and in appreciation of their customs, gave a long, deep, meaningful bow.
Prime Minister Yamanobe and his two sons bowed in return. Though, as a descendant of a samurai family, he and his sons were entitled to wear swords, they had elected not to for this trip, as they had perceived it (unfoundedly, Jiroh now noted) to be a breach of decorum.

Konbanwa, Your Excellency*”, he said to the Autokrator. “It is a pleasure to meet you. I have heard much about your country, but I must apologize for not having been able to arrange a formal visit to the Free and Associative Kingdom.”

* (OOC: Not the right title, I know, but I couldn't find the right one.)
He had listened to the Foreign Ministry official who had briefed him regarding the customs and traditions of their people, as Primo de Aguilar was very interested in the fact that he may have caused a grave offense if he had spoken a certain set of words, or if he had acted somewhat differently. What was interesting about them was that just about everything they did had meaning, even if it was taking tea.

That in itself was a very commendable characteristic.

"I, too, must apologize, Your Excellency, for I have not been able to do the same, despite the relative distance between our two nations."

Yes, the Autokrat of Constancia was indeed very personally chagrined by that very fact.

"Perhaps we may begin a new era between our two peoples? No doubt there is much our nations may be able to learn from each other."

He beckoned them over to nearby seats.
The Yamanobes sat around the table with the Autokrator, Muramasa producing from the folds of his robe a blue cloth pouch tied with a silver-gilt cord, which he hands to his father.

“Of course, Your Excellency, it would be very beneficial to both of our countries to pursue formal diplomatic relations”, Jiroh said, untying the pouch and laying it — and its contents, half-dollar-sized white dough balls — on the table in front of the Autokrator. “Please first allow me to apologize for interrupting to present you with a gift. These are manjuu, a traditional confectionery of the Yashima archipelago, made of flour, rice powder, and buckwheat, which is stuffed with adzuki red bean paste and boiled. We hope that you enjoy them as a treat of the Hoennese Realm.”
Their robes were elegant, as were their manners, which no doubt the Basileusa would greatly appreciate, stickler for protocol that she was. That was such a fascinating thing about their culture - how so very organized and disciplined (yes, that was the word he was looking for) they were as a people.

No doubt the plurality of the outside world, particularly in multicultural states such as the former Empire of the Alexandrians, was fascinating to them, if not a danger to their way of life.

He received it with both hands in the Euran manner, implying that such a present was of sufficient value and weight as to require both hands, bowing again ever so slightly, before taking his seat. "I thank your for such a kindness, and look forward to being able to reciprocate such kindness on Euran soil."

When the pleasantries had been dealt with, he cut to the meat of the matter.

"Excellency, we have been neighbors for quite some time, but we regret that we have failed to be such good neighbors as we should have been. We know very little of each other, and I thank our Caputian hosts that we have finally had the opportunity to make our respective acquaintances, as it were."

"It my personal view that the Free and Associative Kingdom can do more. In this regard, I am authorized to offer a treaty of friendship and trade, the details of which we leave up to you. Let our peoples learn from each other, and in doing so, be better neighbors."

He paused and then set eyes on the confection at his lap. Constancia had its own delicacies to offer, but he wasn't quite sure if they were to the taste of his current audience.

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