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[Taulliraju] ESB Recruitment Centre
[Image: Wechua_Wanted.png]
ESB Recruitment Poster

Wechuas! A life of adventure and profit awaits you in the service of the ESB Group! Worry not for the care of your parents or your loved ones. Have no fear for the future of your children. Service with the ESB Group of Keltia will bring to you a lifetime of wealth and experience. Travel to unimagined lands. Perform unrivalled acts of valour. Receive rewards beyond reckoning.

The ESB Group urgently requires:
  • Porters
  • Scouts
  • Merchant Venturers
  • Herdsmen
  • Machine Operators
If you think you have what it takes to be an ESB-man, present yourself at the ESB Group (Keltia) offices in Taulliraju on the first day of the month for an evaluation session.

Those who do not venture do not gain!

Service with the ESB Group will count as credit towards your application for settlement under the conditions of grace in Caputia.*

*Service with the ESB does not guarantee settlement in the Kingdom of Caputia. Applicants undertake this process at their own risk. The ESB Group does not accept liability for the long term physical, emotional, or psychological consequences of service. Terms of indenture are negotiated on an individual basis per application. By signing or making their mark the applicant cedes power of attorney to the ESB Group for the entirety of his or her period of service. By signing with the ESB Group the applicant agrees to abide by ESB Group regulations and the laws and customs of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth for the duration of their service. 

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