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Expression of Interest
The ESB Group (Keltia) is interested in acquiring four coastal trading vessels for operations in the province of Haifa and the Strait, and we would therefore be interested in known the CMC's catalogue of available hulls and present ship-building capacity.
[Image: uKnMrnb.png]

Caputian Maritime Company
Zalae, Caputia

Esteemed Sir,

Thank you for your interest in the services and ships that the Caputian Maritime Company offers.

Our shipyards are currently open to receive orders, but many of our ship-building facilities are undergoing renovations and repairs from the Civil War. Our shipyards in Zalae and Abeis, however, are online and have their full building capacity available should building new ships is required.

Our current inventory available for your needs is as follows:
 - Pattern 253 Freighter: 3 brand new available for sale, 5 refurbished for sale.

Spoiler Expand
Quote:Pattern 253 was developed as a relatively compact sized and economic dry bulk carrier for the rising exports of the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia. With a cargo hold volume of 78.800 m³ in six cargo holds and four hydraulic cranes (each with a lifting capacity of up to 30 tons) for self-loading, the Pattern 253 can transport their cargo of up to 63.800 tdw to many ports, including those with limited infrastructure.

It is a freighter with its superstructure sternwards, including the cabins of the crew and the bridge. All necessary facilities are located there. Due to each of the cargo holds having their own hydraulic operated hatch, containers can't be placed on the deck. This, and its overall construction, make it possible for the Pattern 253 to withstand heavy seas more effectively then other models - and with less damage.

Pattern 253 can, but shouldn't be loaded with liquid bulk due to the safety regulations in several countries (including Caputia). Most dangerous dry goods can be transported via Pattern 253, though.

All in all, the Pattern 253 is a relatively cheap, but capable and sturdy freighter for dry bulk.

Technical Data
Type: Handymax-size dry bulk carrier
Gross-Tonnage: 35.000 tons
Length: 199 m
Beam: 32.26 m
Draught: 13.3 m (max)
Propulsion: 1x Diesel engine, 8050 kW/10945 PS
1 shaft
Speed: 14.4 knots (27 km/h) maximum
Crew: 33 people
Cargo capacity: 63.800 tons dead weight
Sensors and processing systems:
  • Navigation radar and GPS
  • Civilian Sonar and Radar
[Image: ESB.png]
ESB-Group Keltia

Dear Sirs,

Please accept my gratitude for your response to our expression of interest. The ESB Group Keltia, backed by our parent group, is willing to offer the sum of 56,645,200 Erb in return for quantity 1 (one) new-build Pattern 253 Freighter and quantity 3 (three) refurbished vessels of the same type.

The quoted price would be payable, subject to mutual acceptance and due diligence, as 772 Kalgarrands or as credit to purchase an equivalent amount in goods and services offered by Shirerithian companies registered with the Chamber of Bounties and Factorage.

I would like therefore to ask for your terms and conditions of sale to be forwarded to my office for perusal. We would like to request a three year period of warranty on the condition of the refurbished vessels and a five year warranty on the new-build. 

I look forward to your reply.

Sincere regards,

Royston Merrick,
Royston Merrick the Younger
Director of Operations
ESB-Group Keltia
[Image: uKnMrnb.png]

Caputian Maritime Company
Zalae, Caputia

Esteemed Sirs,

We accept your offer for the purchase of one new-build Pattern 253 Freighter and three refurbished Pattern 253 Freighter. We also agree to the requested periods of warranty for both the refurbished vessels and the new vessel.

As for payment, we would like 50% of the payment in Kalgarrands and another 50% in credit with Shirerithian companies. Payment in installments is possible.

We also offer the opportunity for ESB-Keltia to send crews and officers to the yards before launch and commissioning of the ships in order to get them used to the ships. Board and room will be provided by the Caputian Maritime Company. This is at no extra cost to you.

Kind regards,
Caputian Maritime Company

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