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Symbols of the Wechua Nation
[Image: 800px-WechuaFlag1.png]
The Flag of the Wechua Nation (The Wiphala)

The seven colors of the Wiphala originate from the visible spectrum. The significance and meanings for each color are as follows:

Red: The Earth and the Wechua man
Orange: Society and culture
Yellow: Energy
White: Time
Green: Natural resources
Blue: The heavens
Violet: Wechua government and self-determination

[Image: Asset_1WechuaNationSeal.png]
The Seal of the Wechua Nation
Banner of Manco Cápac

[Image: oYyEWOw.png]
The Coat of Arms of the Wechua Nation

[Image: The_Wechua_Nation_Coat_of_Arms.svg]

The Wechua Cockade

[Image: Wechua_Cockade.png]

The Royal Standard of the Sapa Wechua

[Image: 1200px-SapaWechuaStandard.png]

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